The Holidays Are Boring

As you may have heard, I’ve been part of a short film project directed by Seamus Murphy while I was about to finish my last year at the Conservatorium in Brisbane. Seamus’ project have been presented me as a short film with an interesting plot and even though I have never done any film music before, I decided to take that challenge.

The process went better than expected, and after a 2 weeks me and my colleagues from the Anemoi Wind Quintet and my good friend Darcy Adam, with whom I had pleasure working on many occasions before, were able to make a click-track recording of my music at his studio.

Happy post-recording faces. Left to right: Lily Bryant, Brooke Hitchmough, Nicola Robinson, Sasha Walker and Dayna Johnston + myself

I would definitely write for film again and explore possible musical approaches to film genres . As a visual artist myself, I find visual stimulation very relevant to my music composition and often have it as my source of inspiration (check out my brass piece “Geometrical Figures“). Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that it’s not that common to have a live recording for semi-professional films or short films so some amazing collaboration opportunities along with experience for composers and performers are missed.

Anyways, check the film out and give it a thumbs up!
Till later,